An in-depth chat with media mogul Jay Connor


Q. Jay tell us more about yourself?
Ermm where do I start! Growing up I was the shy kid. I wouldn’t talk to anyone and was scared of my own shadow! One night my family pub got broken into and me and my brother came face to face with the burglar… not going in to detail but it’s safe to say my brother saved my life that night and risked his own! My brother is my hero and I will owe him till my time is up.

I had a severe car accident aged 9 which limited my mobility which stopped me from attending school often so it’s safe to say i was the loner and not the brightest kid going haha!

Suffered from depression at a young age so i think it’s great now how depression is being looked at and its becoming more and more noticed by professionals

Q. Did you ever think you would end up running a channel and a magazine?
NO!  As i said I wasn’t the smartest kid and I often got told by 1 or 2 teachers that i wouldn’t go anywhere but my mums pub! (Which i suppose is true as i still work there haha)

So I love it! I’ve not had the opportunity to go back to my old school and tell them how good I am doing but I’m awaiting the opportunity as I want to show children and young business people that there is no limit! Keep your mind straight and focus and the sky is the limit!

Q. What tips can you give to young business people?
I’ve got a friend starting up his own business and I have recently had a chat with him as he was getting a bit doubtful! So this is what i said and I would say to anyone who is looking to start up a business or going for their dreams… if you believe in yourself/your product then keep going! Invest in yourself to prove to people how serious you are because think of it this way, why would someone invest in you/your business if you’re not willing to invest in yourself! It goes back to my previous question… the sky is the limit if you believe in yourself and keep positive likeminded people around you. Cut the negative people out your life as they will only try bring you down or discourage you.


Q. What are some the challenges you face running Essex TV?
The main challenge is people taking us serious. People think of Essex as TOWIE (the only way is Essex) fake eyelashes, eyebrows that look like they have been put on with what’s used for road markings and fake tan! Essex has some smart people in! I want to change that stereotype. Essex is a great and productive place to be and For EssexTV its an exciting  time. We have so much coming up and so many more people working with the channel! I’m so proud of where we are now and where we are going.

Q. Is it safe to assume a radio station is next on your bucket list?
I’ve always said that I would love to have my own breakfast show! I listen to Kiss100 Ricky Melvin and Charlie and it’s just so much fun! Me and billy could smash something like that… and it’s definitely on my list and in my sights. Kiss100 keep an eye open. I want that breakfast show