Be Unforgettable

Face the facts: People don’t remember phone numbers anymore.

Do you know your friend’s phone number? Do they know yours? Probably not. If it’s not in their smartphone, you’re not getting called.

What if all your friends had to remember was that you are Batman, or Katniss, Sherlock Holmes or simply, Bob? You can pick any word or name you like, associate that with your contact information and you will never be forgotten again.

Run a business?
If you advertise on the radio listeners can’t stop in traffic to write down your phone number. You spent a lot of money on that air time, repeated your phone number over and over, and still lost interested customers. The truth is, numbers are abstract and forgettable, while related words are easy to remember.

Any easy to remember word, words or phrase can be used to describe your business or product and once you reserve that RingWord, it’s yours for as long as you like.

You can easily change your phone number linked to your RingWord, add multiple contact numbers, email, Facebook, twitter and more, or redirect to your web site. All anyone has to do is remember your RingWord.

Have a less than stellar domain name? You could pay a million dollars to buy a great one, or get a RingWord and redirect it to your less than great domain name, automatically. Helps with your SEO too!

How does it work? Simply register your RingWord at Choose your RingWord and set up your contacts. If you’re a business, advertise your phone number and your RingWord too. They won’t remember the phone number, but they will remember your RingWord. They can find you. That’s the key.

If it’s a personal RingWord, your friends and family will always be able to reach you, even if you change your phone number.

Your first RingWord is free.

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