Death might not stop “Wild” Bill Byrne from attending the Sturgis Bike Rally, but his sons could…


Biker Bill Byrne is dead and his last request was for his sons, Mike and Kyle, to deliver his ashes to Sturgis, South Dakota for their annual Rally. There’s a few problems. The rally is five days away. They’ll need to cover two thousand miles. The estranged brothers can’t stand one another.

To ensure the brothers complete their task, Bill’s friend Charlie Sykes gently reminds them of duty, obligations, and the fact that he’ll make both of their lives a living hell if they refuse this honor.

For their dad’s sake, Mike and Kyle Byrne must put aside their anger towards one another and work as a team. Along the way, the brothers Byrne face a myriad of obstacles and the clock keeps ticking. Mike and Kyle also must find a way to become brothers again, if not for their dad and his friends, then for themselves.