Destructing The Stereotype Of African American Films

While the myth of black American films not being sold internationally often embarks a debate on social media there is now more evidence that the statement is actually false. Overseas does not mean there are no African Americans. There is a wide range of black audience who often yearn for a larger variety of films which include people of color. Besides the fact of black American films doing extremely well in other countries the number has actually increased in these last few years. For example in 2012 “Think like a Man” was released in about sixteen international territories. It made over 1 million in Africa alone. Internationally the movie “Precious” made over 21 million in 2009 and in 2001 “Training Day” who featured well known actor Denzel Washington made over 28 million. International film distributor Mr. Dungy answers often asked and complex question. Does African American films sell overseas? Having sold 45 films internationally such as “Things never said” starring Omari Hardwick and “The Scroll” With T.D. Jakes Mr. Dungy has over fifteen years of experience in the film distribution business and also travels often to do the un-daunting past of selling films overseas. With the rise of African American titles , film producers, and actors such as Kevin Hart , Denzel Washington, Chiwetel Ejiofor just to name a few positive African American titles have been seen all over the world . There are roughly 125 territories that an independent mainstream movie can be sold onto. However, the average African American film is sold in only seven territories. Barrett constantly pushes for more and has been working with buyers, television stations, and independent film makers for an outlet to create more. Some of the territories that have been growing is of course Africa, London, Poland, Amsterdam, and France. With the rise of Netflix and streaming these images are growing all across a wider platform therefore reaching hundreds of thousands of new subscribers daily. People who just enjoy good films! Mr. Dungy says “I have seen Denzel Washington speaking Arabic while in Dubai, French while in Paris and films translated in multiple languages. The fact is a good film is a good film no matter who is acting in it so the answer to the previous question would be yes, African American films do sell overseas and is growing wider and much broader daily as other countries have become more accepting of other cultures. We will only see this trend evolve within the years.