Flexible Wedding Band for Tough Jobs, and Swollen Fingers

If you’re exercising, have medical condition, work in the medical field, work with your hands, in the military, firefighter, you know that wearing wedding bands can get in the way and your activity may scratch or dent your ring. Sometimes you just don’t want to think about taking them off; either you forgot before starting a fitness class, or fear getting it stolen.

You could leave the ring home, but then you’re outside the house without a band. If you’re not comfortable with this idea, or your spouse isn’t, there’s an easy solution! Silicone rings are perfect for active lifestyles, weather you’re doing pull-ups, cardio, boxing, Crossfit, working with your hands, or another workout. These silicone rings are safe to use, very comfortable and sized for adult fingers. Silicone stretches to fit and holds its original shape, and remains very durable over time. Available in size 4 -15, are about ¼” wide, and you can get them in sizes 4-15.