Hip-Hop, Technology, and Cycling on Indiegogo


In early 2015, Plaza Midtown will be home to Vibe Ride, an indoor cycling studio that is designing and using its own unique fitness technology. Its Indiegogo campaign is now live at http://igg.me/at/theviberide, and the video shows that Vibe Ride already has a strong following. The co-founders are Courtney Anderson, a professor at Georgia State University College of Law, and Rebecca Colett, a marketing manager with the Georgia Lottery.

This boutique studio will offer “Rhythmic Rides”, a style of cycling popularized by Atlanta fitness instructors who will teach riders how to “dance on the bike” while getting an effective workout. The outdoor cycling community will have the opportunity to improve their performance in the off season with Vibe Ride’s performance metric technology that transmits riders’ power output, calories burned, miles biked, and other data to their email and mobile devices after each class.

The studio has engaged a systems engineer to develop Vibe SMART. Vibe SMART exports data from the popular Performance IQ system and runs additional model to enhance insights into what truly motivates cyclists to achieve their goals. This is part of Vibe Ride’s comprehensive offering that integrates cycling with nutrition and other exercises. Follow @theviberide on social media or visit www.theviberide.com to learn more.

Contact the Owner:

Courtney Anderson
Cell: 202-281-6949