“Living Benefits” Prove Life-Changing

Jim_Prof_PhotoJim Crump, Georgia


Jim Crump is on a mission in Georgia to educate families about the importance of free ‘Living Benefits’ with their life insurance coverage.

    Living Benefits, Crump reveals, is life insurance you don’t have to die to use.

As a no-cost policy rider, Living Benefits have become the ultimate solution for safeguarding the financial security of loved ones and ensuring a family’s peace-of-mind.

“It’s the newest advance in financial services that most people don’t know exists,” says Crump.  “It’s an immediate insurance check for simplifying the financial complications from a heart attack, stroke or cancer when one needs cash the most.  Even if you bought your life insurance policy in the last year, it probably does NOT include the FREE living benefits rider.”

“Modern medicine is keeping so many more people alive. When you suffer a critical, chronic or terminal illness, Living Benefits answers the need for avoiding a personal financial catastrophe from hospital and medical bills and loss of income.

“Living Benefits provides immediate financial resources – and thus options – to choose living over dying and for maintaining a quality of life.”

Crump’s passion for advocating this revolutionary new kind of life insurance stems from witnessing clients and friends suffer the cost of modern medicine from a hospital bed or from an extended health recovery.

Crump conducts free public online webinars in Georgia to educate consumers on their need for understanding the advantages of life insurance with Living Benefits.

With an estimated 68-million adults in America  without  life insurance and 99% of the 147-million life insurance policies without  full Living Benefits, Crump is determined to educate anyone willing to learn about these free riders and how they can take advantage of them.

Mixi Li, for example, a 50-year old laundry operator, received a Living Benefits check for $560,000.93 when doctors diagnosed him with throat cancer.

Li had included a zero-cost Living Benefits rider with a $500,000 universal life policy and a $150,000 term policy in December 2010. Li had funded only $5,269 in premiums when he received his Living Benefits check for $560,000.93.

“I didn’t really believe this could happen until the money from the company was deposited into my bank account,” Li says.

Li was able to quit work, cover his treatment, pay off his mortgage and send his son to college paying his full  tuition.

A Harvard study in 2010 blamed medical expenses from a critical illness for 62% of all personal bankruptcies in the U.S.  Worse, 78% of those bankruptcy filers had some form of health insurance, the report said.

The Centers for Disease Control predicted in 2011 that 3 of every 4 Americans over the age of 40 will experience a critical illness at some point in their future and survive.

Job or income loss, for whatever reason, can be equally devastating. Not having an emergency fund to draw from only worsens this situation, and using credit cards to pay bills can be disastrous.

“Living Benefits, in most cases, provides the tax-free resources to choose living over dying when you need cash the most. It allows you to pay for an expensive medical treatment and maintain a quality of life using the early cash you receive from Living Benefits,” says Crump.

Depending on the blue-chip insurance company selected, one’s financial protection from critical, chronic or terminal illness can be triggered by up to 16 different qualifying events for receiving cash from a Living Benefits policy, says Crump.

“My mission is to educate and empower.  Should you experience a critical, chronic or terminal interest, I’ll come to your door with a big fat Living Benefits check instead of a Get Well card.

“No longer do families with old-fashioned life insurance have to face financial devastation when a policy-holder suffers a heart attack, stroke or invasive cancer – and lives to face the medical bills.”

Crump is a licensed insurance expert with Freedom Equity Group and can be contacted at 706-883-7989 or online at www.gotlivingbenefits.com.