Marketing your Firm for Attracting and Retaining the Right Candidates.

Portrait_of_Recruiter_George_MounsefToday, LinkedIn is the main social media, which recruiters use to find their candidates. LinkedIn has over 200 million users, and it’s understandable that headhunters utilize this site for their staffing needs. Employers also check other information available about their applicants through Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. On the other hand, job hunters research anything they can find online about a potential employer. So, companies must do whatever they can to display the stuff that is important to applicants through some wonderful content.

Company culture is frequently quoted as the single most significant factor to individuals when selecting an employer. Reveal your firm’s character by producing pictures of work events, gatherings, outings, training sessions, or anything that showcases your culture. Do not hesitate to show the entertainment that occurs at work, and ask your workers to record what happens in the office on a daily basis. The more you can show the public how incredible it is to work at your business, the more applicants will want to be your employees.

You can also advertise your company perks & benefits to attract better workers. For instance, if you give out free meals to your workers, or offer them college tuition for professional growth, why not brag about it? You should ultimately utilize the costly benefits for worker retention, and display them for future staffing purposes.
A meaningful work environment is another way to keep your valuable employees happy. Most of us have major interest in making sure that the job we have is of some importance, and is contributing to the success of the firm. You can help employees realize that the work they do brings worth and value, by showing the remarkable effort that you yourself are exerting. Generally, personnel are loyal to employers who showcase interest in their well-being, and they usually remain with companies who make a genuine effort to preserve a positive work environment.

Senior Recruiter, Bachir Mounsef

Bachir Mounsef is a Senior Recruitment specialist who worked for companies such Manager4Less and Trancas International Films where he worked with top Hollywood directors and producers. Mounsef hold a BA in Business Administration and HR Management from Devry University.