The New, Free Backlinks Checker

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Creating, launching, and further developing a website often requires knowing how well your website is doing, how influential it’s becoming, and how popular it is compared to other websites in the same niche. Analyzing backlinks and visualising the “buzz” your website has created previously demanded extensive use of various analytical tools. Very often you have to use multiple resources to find your competitors’ PageRanks, Alexa Ranks, their listings in the DMOZ or Yahoo! Directory, their whois info, etc. Gathering this information required you to spend a lot of time and effort; however this is no longer the case. is a useful alternative you now have at your disposal. Moonsearch provides all this data for free, all in one place. Just search for a domain name and immediately see it’s ranks, it’s whois data, and a list of other sites that link or relate to it.

The powerful Moonsearch engine crawls and analyses nearly 800 pages every second and provides valuable information for Internet investigators, digital marketers, and SEO-masters. As