My MS Journey


My name is Thaddius Holcomb. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2005. It has been a struggle living with this unwanted passenger but I have managed thru God’s guidance and medication. I managed to keep working and provide for my family until now… November 2013. MS decided to show me just how ugly it could be. I had an MS exacerbation which presented itself by mimicking a stroke. It caused me to have no movement on my right side. I could not walk, stand, use my arm, and my speech became slurred. I was admitted to the hospital the first week of December 2013. After a couple weeks, I was moved to inpatient physical therapy. It helped some and I have regained some mobility to get around. My right side is still affected and does not function to the level it once did.

Due to the exacerbation, I have not been able to find work. It’s really difficult to work when you are struggling to walk. I’ve gone on several interviews, but no employer wants to take on the burden of hiring someone with MS. My goal is to find a way to provide support for my family. The bills and medical expenses just keep stacking up. Government assistance has been no help. I applied for several programs and was denied.

With all this in mind, I come to you asking for short term support. Please consider donating a small sum to help with bills. There is no minimum donation, any sum is appreciated.

I am also offering my vast computer and project management experience as a service. Visit my website at I want to thank you in advance for your prayers and support.