Nnorom "I dey Kampe"


The family of Comrade C.C Nnorom has released a statement saying their father is alive and well.

In the said words of the Comrade himself, “I dey Kempe”. The statement came about after rumors of his death wept around Nigeria this past week that Comrade Nnorom was dead.

A statement from his eldest son Henry Nnorom read as follows;

“To whom this may concern.

“My name is Henry Nnorom. I am the founder of Hathrup Group LLC. My father was the former National President of the Air Transport workers union Nuate. My father is presently in Texas, United States of America receiving the best medical care, he is with his family and friends and he is in a good health condition.

The Comrade is sending a message to all the rumor mongers that he is hale and hearty, “ I dey Kempe”.

All that comrade Nnorom needs right now is peace to enjoy the life God has given him.

The family is also open to Skype press conference if needed; this is to prove that Comrade is alive and well.