The Birth and Death of Innovation


An innovative design of “Non Piercing Body Jewelry” was invented. A design so unique it created a ‘Worldwide Industry of Non Piercing Jewelry’. Unfortunately ‘this’ design is so simple it became the fodder of IP TROLLS.

Armed with a highly detailed Utility Patent, and a “Magnetic Name” registered Trademark ‘Nipple Huggers®’. This Trademark became the golden key of opportunity for Thieves and Trolls alike, especially for online sales.

Hand Made in USA, was the icing on this cake. However, when made by amateur thieves with an extra thumb made an unusable look alike – it was the ultimate killing of this product. From an overnight success spreading like wild fire – by word of mouth. Sheer Delight, Inc. was a living witness of the Good, the Bad, and finally the Ugly.

To date USA customs, Special Agents and of course Lawyers are on the trails.

In the meantime, the Sheer Delight Team would like to extend their ‘Sincerest Apologies’ for anyone who ended up buying a Knock Off.

To insure this does not happen again, these Original Designs (hand made by Sheer Delight) can only be purchased from