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A grass roots band of philanthropists are assuring that consumers are protected from VIRAL and BACTERIAL threats from pre-handled beverage cans. They also insure that Can-Ads will pay the beverage companies a new found revenue stream from 2nd party advertising in the $Billions. McGriff agrees! CBS DALLAS TOO

Georgia Fireworks Laws

Adopted into the United States in 1732, the state of Georgia has a deep and rich history as a southern stalwart in our union. In fact, Georgia’s history goes all the way back to our original foundation as the last of the original thirteen colonies that made up what we now know as the United […]

Cash Back Merchant Account Program

Wholesale Rates PLUS Cash Back We’ll provide a free cash back & savings analysis On-Going MatchRate Guarantee Maintain the most competitive rates available Full AMEX Acquiring Program Lower rates, one statement & batch deposit Cancellation Fee Reimbursement Up to $295 in cancellation assistance 24/7 Customer & Technical Support Best in class support from a tier-one […]

If you are Able To Join Our Team In The Next Three Weeks….

You Will Never Have To Worry About Money Again… HEADS-UP ATL! — Matt Trainer who runs a multi million dollar SEO company and has invested 2 million dollars in a system tailored for our team to bring in millions of customers and business builders into our team and placing them under our team members. This […]

Keeping Kids Safe This Halloween with Trick or Tracker

Celebrating its 4th Anniversary, Trick or Tracker® remains America’s #1, must-have family safety app for Halloween Trick Or Tracker® allows parents to monitor their child’s location at all times on Halloween via iOS or Android Smartphones. Trick or Tracker® installs easily on both the parent’s phone and the child’s phone, allowing the adult to find […]

Grady Financial

Grady Financial, is a wealth management firm specializing in financial planning and retirement. Founded in 2002, They have always worked closely to show their clients the importance of the life cycle of wealth…Accumulation, Consolidation, and Distribution.