Nefretiti A. Morant A.K.A The Serial Writer Is At It Again

New Children Series Takes Readers on a Magical Ride Through Antiquity

Atlanta, February 17, 2017: The Serial Writer is at again! Sixteen books in five years definitely warrants interest from the literary community. Penning urban lit, romance/drama, historical fiction, a how to guide, a poetry book and now a children’s book series; one is left wondering how Nefretiti A. Morant a.ka. The Serial Writer finds the time to crank out these works.

Nefretiti’s latest endeavor; The Adventures of Nico & Kyra is a historical children’s series, that takes readers on a colorful journey through time to some pretty majestic, yet forgotten Civilizations. The fourth book in the series; tackles the very relevant and serious topic of Bullying.

Nico and Kyra are far from happy when their parents decide to move from the metropolis of Capital City to the small town of Kentsville. How could small town living ever compare to the hustle and bustle of a big city? Much to their surprise Nico & Kyra soon learn that the adventures of a life time, lay unsuspectingly, tucked in their back yard.

Traveling to such ancient cites as Kemet, Meroe, and The land of Nok; fans are anxious to know; Where will Nico & Kyra go next? If you are anxious to read this creation by The Serial Writer, head over to Learn a few moral lessons and travel through time to some of the greatest ancient civilizations of antiquity.

Set to be release February 17, 2017; The Adventures of Nico & Kyra Bullying will be available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles in paperback and e-book format.