Police Auctions in Georgia

Police impound auctions in Atlanta and the state of Georgia are open to the public. They usually are held either weekly or monthly, depending on the location and how many cars they regularly have for sale. Most of the vehicles sold are drug seizures or impounded cars that were otherwise seized for lack of payment, […]


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New Apartment Site Expands To Atlanta, GA

Pad List is a new way for renters to match with landlords through AI and data analytics. There is a reason renters still use Craigslist over Apartment websites today. At least until now, this PadList.com site seems promising, crisp, simple and robust with deals. www.padlist.com


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Profisi Kev releases a new anthem for the Hustlers.

Profisi Kev, that Jamaican DJ, Artist & Producer representing Atlanta by way of NY releases a New Banger for the go getters. He speaks on manifesting what you want al while giving a melodic yet gritty delivery. The tag line states “I secured a bag last night while you was sleeping.” definitely a tune that […]