A Fresh Start



I wake up every morning mourning the death of my marriage. No one has died but the pain runs deep.

Throughout this horrific ordeal, my two children still remain my top priority. My son has dreams and goals that are far beyond any 14 year old I have ever known. His ambition and positive light during this time makes me so proud of the man he is becoming. My daughter has cerebral palsy but doesn’t let that define who she is. She is just filled with sunshine and roses. She loves water, wind and music. It saddens me that they have both witnessed and felt the downward spiral and destruction of a broken marriage. While I have tried my best, they are now live in the absence of one parent, and the sadness of the other. I am being strong for all of them and for myself last. I feel as if I’m a cracked egg, scrambled almost, yet wake up every day making choices I never thought I would have to make, much less make alone. I’m trying desperately to hang onto my sanity and my job through this chaos.

My children and I and our pets find ourselves living in a house that was built for a family that included a father and mother, husband and wife. With the help and sacrifices my children and I are making, we’re pinching pennies with the hopes of hanging onto each other and our beloved pets.

It has been several weeks without the necessary income our living situation requires and without the financial support and help from a 2nd spouse, we’re doing all we can while quickly preparing our home to be listed on the market. I cannot believe I have to do this; and it is even more heartbreaking that my children have to experience this. Packing up a home filled with memories is nothing a 14 year old son should ever have to do.

I am trying to raise enough money so that my son, daughter and I can move into a smaller home where we will fill it with love, peace and happiness. Your donations will help to ease this transition for my children and especially to keep my son in the same district where he has the support of his great friends.

I am humbled to be here, to be asking friends and strangers for help.