Air conditioning company sees surge in calls during heat wave

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Air conditioning company sees surge in calls during heat wave (Source: WSFA 12 News)

The phones were ringing, and service tickets were piling up at Edwards in Montgomery on Friday. The plumbing, heating and air conditioning company said it is seeing a surge of clients during Alabama’s heat wave.

Some workers are having to brave attics of over 150 degrees just to make repairs.

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“As bad as that is, it’s even worse for homeowners who have only one air conditioner and it goes out,” owner Charlie Edwards said. “They have no other way of cooling the house down.”

The company is even getting calls from outside of Montgomery. From Auburn to Selma, people are desperate for help.

Edwards recommends checking your home’s circuit breakers if your air conditioning cuts out. If that does not help, check your unit’s outdoor refrigerant lines.

If they have ice on them, you will need to let them thaw.

“Ultimately, you probably going to have to get a company to come out and check it for you,” Edwards said.

While the business will come to you to fix your AC Unit, there are tips you can take to maintain it before it breaks.

Edwards recommends you get your unit checked twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.

“They have a checklist of items that we can go through and make sure that everything is up to par and okay and running,” he said.

The company of around 60 employees said it is working as quickly as it can to meet the growing demand.

“It’s a terrible time,” Edwards said. “I feel really bad for these people because we only have a finite amount of labor and a finite amount of manpower.”