Get Your Atlanta Home Ready For The Holidays With Clean Air Ducts

With Halloween right around the corner and Thanksgiving and Christmas soon to be here, it time to think about getting your home ready for the holidays and all that holiday company. Most people clean their homes from top to bottom when preparing for the holidays, but one part of the home most people don’t think is cleaning their air ducts.


Why You Should Clean Your Air Ducts Before the Holidays

Unless you have recently had your air ducts professionally clean, cleaning them for the holidays makes perfect sense. Here are just some reasons why you may want to clean your air ducts in your†Atlanta home for the holidays.

  • Reduces Dust in Your Home- Most people have a lot of different chores they need to do for holidays, so dusting a couple of times a day may not be convenient or even possible. Cleaning your air ducts reduces the amount of dust in your home and therefore the amount of time you need to spend dusting.
  • Improves the Air Quality in Your HomeCleaning your air ducts also improves the air quality in your home. Your ducts can collect not only dust, but mold spores, odors, pollen, pet dander, and other debris that when circulated back into your home lowers your home’s air quality. If you are planning on having very young children or elderly adults in your home over the holidays, you want your air quality to be the best it can be.
  • Reduces Unwanted Odors- Cleaning your air ducts can also help to reduce unwanted odors in your home, leaving your home smelling just that much fresher and cleaner and making it possible for you to really enjoy the holidays with family and friends.
  • May Help Keep Your Home Warmer- When experts clean your air ducts they also clean your heat exchanger, fan housing and fan motor, which may help your furnace during those cold winter days run more efficiently and keep your home warmer.

Atlanta Local Duct Service

Normally most people have their air duct cleaned every three to five years, but some people really find that cleaning their air ducts at least once a year makes a difference in their air quality. How often you clean your air ducts really depends on the area in which you live, how much dust in normally in your home and whether or not you have members of your family that could benefit from improved air quality in your home.

Do keep in mind that you should clean your air duct and heating and cooling filters at least once every 6 months to help trap more of the dust that could end up floating around in your air duct system.

If you are looking for a professional air duct cleaning company in Atlanta to do a holiday air duct cleaning in your home give us a call at Hurricane Air Duct Cleaning Service in Georgia. Our number is 404-512-2726 and schedule an appointment today.