ILA PRO: The future of personal fitness

ilapro3-1Personal fitness has been under the influence of tremendous new and modern developments in the last decade. Information on food, health and our bodies has never been more elaborate. Each personal trainer that is an expert in their field knows that clients in almost all cases come for the full package and want to live a healthy lifestyle. That is where ILA PRO now comes in with a new innovation, which makes measuring a healthy lifestyle much easier.

Your clients

As a personal trainer, you are however always looking for new ways in attracting your clients and keeping them. Clients of personal trainers basically want to see one thing: results. Results are easy to see if you start of a training program with a client: they will get thinner, fitter and are generally happier. However, keeping those clients hooked to your services might be hard. That is where ILA PRO comes in, because it makes the measurement of results much easier, by the use of laboratory tests. By actually measuring vital aspects of the lifestyle of your clients, they will see the results immediately as they progress. This makes for a happy client; and a happy client is a client that will stay a client. Of course will ILA PRO help you in more ways imaginable: soon clients will have the word out about the results, and you and your services will get more revenue. You will get more clients and a higher retention rate.

Laboratory tests
ILA PRO introduces laboratory tests to measure a wide array of different aspects that enable a healthy and fit lifestyle. One of the most popular types of test available is the measurement of amino acid levels. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, which enable the buildup of muscle. Building up muscle is a vital focus point of almost all personal fitness clients. By measuring the level of amino acids of your client, you are able to keep a close watch if your client has what it takes to get to bulk up effectively.

Another important type of test that ILA PRO offers is the measurement of micronutrients. The supplement of any client’s diet is a vital pillar of personal fitness. Measuring micronutrients makes sure that all 32 vitamin and mineral levels are being monitored, so supplementing the client’s diet is not necessary anymore. Diet supplementing has never been more precise and effective.

The last types of tests that ILA PRO offers revolve around fatty acid levels and the buildup of a cardiovascular health profile. The first, the measurement of fatty acid levels, makes sure that you always know if your client has the actual energy to complete the workout schedule they are tied to. The cardiovascular health profile gives key data on the cardiovascular system of your client – you were never able to monitor their health in this detail.

Getting to work with ILA PRO
ILA PRO offers different pricing models that are very cheap for the benefits you obtain from them. Monthly payment is possible with the price being $40 per month (with an initial fee of $80. Pricing can also be done quarterly (the first quarter $147, then $117 per quarter) and annually (for $416). An important thing to keep in mind that all laboratory tests will be forwarded directly to your clients, since HIPPA does not allow the tests to be send to non-healthcare providers. ILA PRO will empower you and your client however to measure their progress as never seen before: ILA PRO is the future of personal fitness. More information can be found on the website of ILA PRO –