Jeff Locker Taiwan Celebrity lands his very own TV show in Hollywood


Taiwan Celebrity Jeff Locker has recently landed his own TV show in Hollywood at ETTV America. Jeff’s charm, wit, talent, boldness and good looks have pulled in audiences and fans all over China and he has become a household name. This year he recently booked a role on the ABC Marvel TV show Agent Carter, and is now hosting his very own show on ETTV America, ‘Who’s Smart’. Jeff is one of the rare Caucasian actors that can speak fluent mandarin because he spent years studying and working in Beijing and Taiwan and his mandarin is as fluent as the locals. After graduating from Yale with a B.A. in East Asian Studies, he moved to Taiwan and became an award winning television and radio host, an actor and a bestselling author. He has collaborated with Jeffrey Reddick of Final Destination, is part of the improv community at Second City, has been a host for CCTV and Toyota, and sings in the popular a cappella group Top Shelf. Jeff’s journey and success in the entertainment industry is inspiring as he lives out his calling as an entertainer in front of an international audience.

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