Link-U is the world first hybrid connection smartcam.

Now you can connects to the people and places you love from anywhere at any time

It’s a revolutionary and easy to use product.

Our Development Team’s mission has been to create a smartcam that is able to connect from anywhere and in whatever situation, with easy to use functionality from the second you open the box.

Link-U it’s first-of-its-kind!

The Hybrid Connection means two in one, comes with two built in ways of connecting – through your home network or 3G/4G – which is simply a cellular line, just like you have for your mobile phone.

The link-U Hybrid SmartCam is truly a revolutionary product.

You’ll never miss another moment and you’ll be able to keep a watchful eye on the things you care about your family, your pets, your possessions.

Ready out of the box

Haven’t you ever wanted to be there…when you couldn’t be there?

With link-U, it’s just like U being there.