Pool Strike: Best shot in online 8 ball mobile games


New way to play online 8 ball game on your mobile phones and tablets with unique experience:

“Pool Strike” is really the best shot in Billiard!

Pool Strike is a great game to play on your Android or iOS device as it has very quick start-up and uses a realistic physics engine for an arcade game play. You can also chat with your friends while playing or after the game.

There are different gaming modes available and from a beginner to a professional you’ll love the way the game is laid out and you will be a fan soon. Especially 1-4 game has unique gameplay that allow you to win 4 times more in one online game. There are also unique features included in the Pool Strike such as a first turn “Strike” bonus among many others in the game.

There are great fun rooms where you can find players and most importantly everything is stable and well-designed. You have plenty of rooms and cues options that you can upgrade on your demand. The same physics engine and the same gameplay are fully enjoyable both on iOS and Android. The game can be played on most devices including wide list of Android and iOS devices and it’s FREE without boring banners!

Pool Strike is developed by the talented game developing studio of Funiza who already had one hit match 3 game “Balloon Mesh”.

Why you will like Pool Strike?

  • Realistic physics engine and online chat with friends
  • Unique 1-4 game play to win 4 times more in one game
  • Amazing first turn “Strike” bonus, another unique feature of Pool Strike
  • Quick start-up and wide device compatibility, even for low configuration devices
  • Plenty of rooms with different features and More than 100 different cues option
  • Play with thousands of online players or free offline turn based gaming
  • Free to play and no boring banners

As a summary, this is an amazing game for pool game lovers. It’s fun, well-executed and there are players from all around the world with who you can play a game of pool while interacting with online chat.

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