The Newest Hip Hop Community Hub is Here!

Street Knock Network is a recently established website focused on Hip Hop culture. Their goal is to bring together all pieces of the Hip Hop culture, and bring it together in a community that can discuss, share, and influence the atmosphere of Hip Hop. Dancers, graffiti artists, producers, DJ’s, rappers, fashionistas, gossipers, and anybody interested in music has a place in this forum. Street Knock Network is currently holding an online dance competition, and registration for it is still open to all who sign up. We encourage you to join this new forum, and drop a quick post or reply to any of the topics already in the forum, as the website needs some start up content. Everybody is welcome, and all points of view and opinions are welcome. If you want a place to bring together your love for Hip Hop, opinions on the world around us, or participate in it’s various video forums, Street Knock Network is the place to go!